The beauty of Kelai wood flooring

The beauty of Kelai wood flooring-kelaiwood

Every forest has its own sound,

Every plant has its unique breath,

Every piece of material has its own temperature,

And every wood floor has its own story.

Today, let me introduce the beauty of Kelai wood flooring.

The beauty of Kelai wood flooring-kelaiwood

Beauty in color variation:

In this world, no two leaves are the same, let alone two different trees. Kelaiwood embraces the natural gift of every texture, detail, and hue on each wooden floor. Rather than deliberately selecting and categorizing wood veneers with minimal color variation, Kelaiwood encourages our customers to embrace the irregular beauty and uniqueness of floors with color variations. This enhances the harmony between people and space, amplifying their individuality.

Beauty in Design:

Kelaiwood offers a range of patterns, including herringbone and chevron, as well as customized parquet designs. The intricate patterns and craftsmanship of these structures embody the nobility and luxury of oak. The fishbone and herringbone patterns created by Kelaiwood’s sophisticated craftsmanship are perfectly done at a 45-degree angle, seamlessly blending angles, joints, structures, design patterns, and coloring. This synthesizes all aspects of the elements to create a perfect work of art.

Beauty in Finishing:

In 2023, Kelaiwood introduced a new coating product that uses the natural transformation process of tannic acid. It does not contain any pigments or colorants, presenting the true beauty of nature in its most authentic form.

Beauty in Hidden:

The attractiveness of Kelaiwood flooring lies in its texture and the artistry of its repairs. The meticulous and artificial repairs resemble the weathered beauty found in aged wood, while the natural texture of the wood represents a kind of natural and artistic beauty.

The beauty of Kelai wood flooring-kelaiwood

Kelaiwood remains committed to its original intention of coexisting with nature. In the process of production and research, Kelaiwood strives to preserve the most original beauty of wood. Based on the wood’s growth age, grain texture, stability, and other characteristics, we repeatedly polish and design, preserving the magnificent natural features within living spaces.

This is kelai wood’s flooring.

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