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Company Profile-kelaiwood
Brief Introduction

About Kelai Wood

Kelai Wood is a hardwood flooring supplier with over 20  years of experience.
Engineered wooden flooring is the most advantageous product.

* Annual output —1,200,000 ㎡.
* More than 150 workers with 5-10 years experience of in manufacturing flooring
* 3000㎡ warehouse for veneers and plywood in stock for providing the best delivery time 
* 300 types of wooden flooring displayed in the Showroom

Kelai Wood is committed to our goal of offering a wide range of quality hardwood flooring at great prices and providing excellent customer service.
Our core corporate values: integrity, hard work, innovation, and responsibility.

Meet Our Team

Company Profile-kelaiwood

General manager

The logs used to make the hull are churning on the sea surface, as a person growing up by the sea, This is an unforgettable picture in my memory. Wood brings me a sense of stability and security. Because of this kind of fate, after graduating from college, I resolutely started working on wood flooring. I have been in this industry for more than 20 years. Over the years I have traveled all over the world, to countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Dubai, Slovakia, Australia, etc. to meet with customers, learn about the local market and share new information about the flooring industry. While it is my original intention to strive to bring high-quality products and good services to customers.

Company Profile-kelaiwood

Director of Sales

Since 2012, wood floor comes into my career. I love it as a professionally installed hardwood floor will add three important things to our home: Aesthetics, Durability, and Value. There’s no questioning the beauty of a hardwood floor. Quality factory finished hardwood comes with an ultraviolet cured aluminum oxide finish, which is extremely durable. Added durability and beauty drive value. I will keep going on swimming in my wood floor dream river to better serve customers through supplying high-performing wood floor solutions at a competitive price. Come on! Choosing us will bring you best performance wood floor.

Company Profile-kelaiwood

Отдел Продаж

Российский рынок-большой потенциальный, а мое преимущество-русский язык. Я занимаюсь внешней торговлей уже шесть лет, очень знаю как вести бизнес с русскими.   Напольное покрытие занимает важное место в России,  тем более паркетная доска. Мы всегда рассматриваем вопросы с точки зрения клиентов. Уверены, что мы станем вашим надежным партнером

Company Profile-kelaiwood

Sales Department

Love the natural atmosphere brought by wooden floors. Put my passion and persistence into this fondness over the years. Committed to providing customers with professional advice and high-quality products are my Goal! Glad to accompany with the growing up of KelaiWood

Company Profile-kelaiwood

Sales Department

A person with ability plus flexibility, with a stable personality and high sense of responsibility . Excellent ability of systematical management. Work well with a multicultural and diverse work force. 12 years of Extensive experience in B2B Business Development, Cross-Cultural Negotiation, and Operations Management.

Company Profile-kelaiwood

Sales Department

As a new member of the team, I want to be your first point of contact at KelaiWood. I will provide you with excellent customer service, organizational skills, and attention to detail, supporting the team to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. In my spare time, I enjoy savoring delicious food, reading the latest trending news, and spending time with my family.

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