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We specialise in wood engineered flooring with an exceptional range of finishes in Oak,American Black walnut,Hickory,Acacia,offer a wide range of widths and finishes, allowing us to customise new floors to suit your market. From modern brushed shades to traditionally oiled or lacquered finishes, we trust we can meet your needs. Whether you prefer a warm golden hue, an rustic finish or a natural surface, we’ve got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our engineered flooring is professionally constructed, stable enough, and has a low enough moisture content to be used for underfloor heating.

Our wide plank flooring is available in widths ranging from 190 mm to 300 mm. Our production department can also customize them to your specifications. If you need extra wide flooring, please feel free to contact us.

Unfinished wood floors are the raw hardwood and must be installed first, then sanded and refinished on site.
Prefinished wood floors are finsihed the production process-sanded, stained and coated at the factory.You could install them directly.

The top decorative layer of wood engineered flooring is real wood,Thickness from 1.2 to 6mm thick. Wood engineered flooring consist of more than one layer. By placing each layer so that the grain runs vertically, it is almost impossible for the wood to expand or contract with changes in humidity,.stability is also a major advantage of wood engineered flooring.

Wood is a natural product and as such is sensitive to environmental changes. Most floors will fade, so noticeable color differences in the early years of flooring use will become less noticeable as the color becomes more uniform.The cause is usually exposure to UV rays from the sun, either directly or indirectly. This color change will be more pronounced in lighter colors and will darken over time. The degree of discoloration of the floor depends on the species, the type of finish and the amount of exposure to direct sunlight.

There are no two identical pieces of wood in the world. Natural characteristics of wood include grain patterns, dark grey or black marks, resin and knots of various sizes. They are the result of the growth process of a particular species and are influenced by sunlight, soil and climate. For example, birch has black mineral threads, which are very beautiful.

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