Grey Smoked wood flooring

“Smoked wood flooring” refers to wooden flooring that has undergone a smoking process. This treatment imparts a distinctive appearance and color to the wood. During the manufacturing process, the wood is exposed to a smoking environment, allowing it to absorb the color and aroma of the smoke. Various shades of gray, create a unique look with natural smoke traces.


“Grey Smoked wood flooring” is suitable for many interior decorations.
1. **Contemporary and Modern:** Grey smoked wood floors naturally complement contemporary and modern interior designs. The sleek and neutral tones contribute to a clean and minimalist aesthetic.
2. **Scandinavian:** Grey smoked wood can align well with the light and airy feel of Scandinavian design. It adds warmth while maintaining a sense of simplicity and functionality.
3. **Industrial:** In industrial-style interiors, the grey tones of smoked wood can enhance the raw and urban atmosphere. It pairs well with exposed brick, metal accents, and concrete surfaces.
4. **Transitional:** Grey smoked wood flooring serves as a transitional element, working well in spaces that blend traditional and contemporary styles. It can help bridge the gap between classic and modern design elements.
5. **Elegant and Luxurious:** Darker grey smoked wood can be incorporated into more luxurious interiors, especially when combined with rich fabrics, metallic finishes, and upscale furnishings.
6 **Rustic and Farmhouse:** While grey might not be the first choice for traditional rustic or farmhouse styles, it can work well if the goal is to achieve a more contemporary or updated take on these styles.

Product Design and Specifications
Style Engineered Floor Thickness 10-20mm
Latin Name Quercus Mongolica Veneer/Lamella 0.6-6mm
Air-Dry Density 0.68-0.74 g/m3 Width  70-300mm
Janka Hardness 1360 P-F Length 420-2200mm

Grey Smoked wood flooring-kelaiwood

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