Unequal length and width series of hickory wood floor

As we all know, the appearance of the ground after finishing the wood floor, in addition to being related to the wood flooring color, actually has a lot to do with the paving method.

Unequal length and width series of hickory wood floor-kelaiwood

Good design brings a different beauty to life.

In 2022, KELAIWOOD launched the Unequal Length unequal Width series. It brings a unique charm to the traditional wood flooring effect, provides personalized assembly tests for the market with different aesthetic styles and needs, and leads the design trend.

Unequal length and width series of hickory wood floor-kelaiwood

KELAI WOOD’s representative work is the hickory wood flooring collection of unequal length and unequal width.

Unequal wide specifications, with an unequal length of the assembly, a variety of spelling, feel free to do.

Different sizes, with their own style but complement each other, can achieve a variety of free combinations. Whether it’s the combination of the golden ratio or the combination of the freewheeling, it can trigger the infinite aesthetics of the home space.

Unequal length and width series of hickory wood floor-kelaiwood

Nowadays, people have a higher and higher demand for customization and differentiation. If you want to reflect your unique taste in your home decoration and give yourself a unique living space, then our new hickory flooring collection is very suitable for your needs.

Because this kind of random length of the wood floor pays attention to disorder, the more chaotic the better, so each time the effect is different, there will be absolutely no similarity, making your home decoration more unique, bringing you and others a new feeling.

In the world, everyone wants a different beauty, and more forms of beauty are gradually accepted by people. The hickory wood flooring perfectly achieves the messy beauty you want, revealing order in the midst of disorder, giving you a sense of liberation but uncomfortable order, and finding peace in the midst of chaos. So if you want a different home decoration experience, you must choose our random length series, which brings you an effect that the traditional flooring plank cannot bring you.

Unequal length and unequal width of this kind of laying method under the continuous drill of our workers, has been very mature, can be quickly completed within the construction period, resulting in less waste of wood, and the effect is very good, to ensure that you are satisfied.

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