Natural Merbau Engineered Flooring with 5G locking System

Merbau is one of the hardest and most durable hardwoods available today and is estimated to be around 30% harder than oak. With its aesthetic color and durability, it is used as wood flooring.

Thanks to the 5G locking system, the installation of even long boards has become very easy.
It involves a locking system based on the “single-action” installation method and is ideal for all widths and types of flooring products.

When installing the second row of planks, you place the long side of the planks opposite the previous row. Place the short side of the plank into the previous one. With a gentle push and some help from gravity, the plank immediately clicks.

The color of Merbau wood floors tends to vary from orange-brown to dark reddish-brown. Tiny mineral lines are also often found on the surface of Merbau wood floors, giving your floor a beautiful appearance, with slight golden lines interspersed in the wood grain, ranging from straight to wavy and sometimes even wavy.


Product Design and Specifications
Style Hardwood & Engineered floor Thickness 15/18mm
Latin Name Intsia spp.. Veneer/Lamella 0.6/1.2/2/3 mm
Air-Dry Density 0.515-1.04 g/m3 Width 90/140mm
Janka Hardness 1925 P-F Length 300-1800mm

A great painting doesn’t usually end up on canvas or in an artist’s studio, but in your home and under your feet.
The Merbau solid wood floor by Kelai Wood is a unique and majestic painting, using raw materials from Asia to present you not only the floor itself but a colorful world.

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