Blonde OAK Herringbone Wood Flooring

Timber flooring made of oak is always in excellent quality due to the natural stability and termite resistance.

Unfinished but sanded flooring is available for on-site installation.

Lacquered flooring, normally our floor coated 7 layers lacquer. And we use TREFFERT lacquer coating different colors for your choice.

Oak Wood Flooring (KELAI WOOD) is a kind of wood floor with good quality, strong structure, and durability.


Blonde oak herringbone wood flooring refers to a type of hardwood flooring made from oak wood in blonde that is arranged in a herringbone pattern.

The herringbone pattern is a zig-zag design that creates a unique and visually appealing look for flooring.

Blonde oak is a light-colored wood floor that adds warmth and lightness to a space.

This type of flooring is popular for its durability and versatility and can be found in both residential and commercial properties.

Product Design and Specifications
Style Engineered Floor Thickness 10-20mm
Latin Name Quercus Mongolica Veneer/Lamella 0.6-6mm
Air-Dry Density 0.68-0.74 g/m3 Width  70-300mm
Janka Hardness 1360 P-F Length 420-2200mm

Blonde OAK Herringbone Wood Flooring-kelaiwood

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