Hickory Wood Flooring

As far as wood goes, hickory is one of the most durable wood flooring options available. Hickory wood can vary widely in color, from light tan to red/dark brown tones with dramatic grain patterns that set it apart from other wood species.

Its unique appearance, its rigid density and moderately coarse open grain combine to make it as appropriate in a modern high-rise loft as it is in a log cabin.

KELAI HECKORY : Super unique look and charm


Hickory is a species of hardwood commonly used for flooring due to its durability, strength, and distinctive appearance.

It has a light to medium brown color with distinct grain patterns that range from straight to wavy.

Hickory is a popular choice for homes in high-traffic areas and is known for its resistance to wear and tear.

However, it is a harder and more brittle wood, so it may dent or scratch more easily than some other flooring options.

Product Design and Specifications
Style Hardwood & Engineered floor Thickness 10-18mm
Latin Name Carya cathayensis Sarg. Veneer/Lamella 0.6-3mm
Air-Dry Density 0.68-0.82 g/m3 Width 70-120mm
Janka Hardness 1820 P-F Length 400-1200mm

Hickory Wood Flooring-kelaiwood

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