Kelaiwood’s “Big Picture”

<strong>Kelaiwood’s “Big Picture”</strong>-kelaiwood

In 2020, Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei stated that “the top priority for the next three years is to survive.” Even companies like Huawei are expressing their desire to spread the “chill” to everyone. It is evident that the environment has not been favorable in recent years, especially under the pandemic, and it will only get worse in the future.

<strong>Kelaiwood’s “Big Picture”</strong>-kelaiwood

For foreign trade enterprises like us(kelaiwood), many planned purchases have been postponed or even canceled due to economic problems. During these special times, special policies have been implemented, and KelaiWood has also intensified cost control during the pandemic years.

For international trade, it is necessary for KelaiWood to be careful with expenses. The Kelaiwood team does not have a mindset of spending recklessly on marketing, nor do expand without any planning. In 2023, Kelaiwood will focus on expanding our scope through project operations, product systems, and teamwork status.

<strong>Kelaiwood’s “Big Picture”</strong>-kelaiwood

Project Cooperation:

① Kelaiwood does not simply give clients whatever they ask for, but once we have discussed and negotiated with the client to a certain extent, we will quickly respond and support them. Kelaiwood knows well that the feedback from client testing reports is invaluable for improving the company’s products, enhancing technical capabilities, and promoting the market.

② Kelaiwood knows that prices are determined by the market. In the early stages of market development, we promise clients that we can keep up with our competitors’ prices, and then clients can focus on promoting the project. If our wood flooring prices cannot keep up with the market mainstream, it must be because our supply chain, production end, or even corporate management are not as good as others. We will continue to improve and optimize until we meet market standards.

Kelaiwood focuses on updating industry wood flooring standards and improving wood floors performance. Especially in collecting information on competitors’ products, whoever comes up with new ideas quickly will gain an advantage in the market. Kelaiwood’s strong focus on wood flooring development, market-oriented promotion materials, and quarterly innovation in customized products allow customers to always have more options.

<strong>Kelaiwood’s “Big Picture”</strong>-kelaiwood

Teamwork Status:

Every member of the Kelaiwood team maintains a state of tension without being overly tight. After each period of crazy overtime, we see our goals achieved and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. From the supply chain, production testing, R&D, marketing, to sales, each person is like a mountaineer, constantly climbing towards higher peaks. Once a project is successful, we start working on and promoting another project in the production phase. We continuously gain experience from successful projects, and work is always intense, with goals that are never limited.

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