Kelaiwood’s 2023 Autumn/Winter Collection -Saw Mark

Kelaiwood’s 2023 Autumn/Winter Collection -Saw Mark-kelaiwood

Product: Oak Engineered wood Flooring With Saw Mark

Model: KLSM-01

Specifications: 15/4*220*2200mm

Surface Effect: Saw Mark

Design Inspiration: Inspired by the marks left on the surface when lumberjacks saw through wood, hence named “Saw Marks.”

Effect: The wood veneer surface, meticulously treated with Kelaiwood’s craftsmanship, exhibits a distinctive texture with noticeable undulations. It emphasizes the natural variations in wood, enhancing the play of light to create a dynamic reflection. This effect brings out the inherent essence of wood, fostering a warm and comfortable living environment.

Kelaiwood’s 2023 Autumn/Winter Collection -Saw Mark-kelaiwood


The saw mark texture carries an innate natural quality, offering a sense of comfort and coziness. Its subdued thickness exudes dignity, while the gentle warmth and tranquility mirror the footsteps of time, inscribing the simplicity and elevation of nature. When touched, it feels like coming into contact with raw wood, evoking a sensation of wandering through a forest.

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