Kelaiwood’s 18/6mm Engineered Wood Flooring Series

<strong>Kelaiwood’s 18/6mm Engineered Wood Flooring Series</strong>-kelaiwood

After International Labour Day, Kelaiwood’s first news starts with the 18/6 engineered wood floor Series. What are its pros and cons?


  1. Excellent Touch Feel: Comparable to solid wood flooring, providing a comfortable and substantial feel underfoot.
  2. Natural Grain: Each piece of wood flooring is unique, much like fingerprints. After surface treatment,  color variations will further highlight this distinctiveness.
  3. Timeless Durability: Witness to family joy and laughter, proper maintenance can extend its lifespan for decades or even centuries.
  4. Meets DIY Needs: Can be sanded, refinished, and colored to address wear and tear.


  1. High Price Tag: The pricing tends to be higher due to its thick veneer.
  2. Scarce Raw Materials: Especially premium-grade materials are hard to come by, leading to longer ordering times.
  3. Extended Production Cycle: Falls under customized products, requiring a lengthier production period.
  4. Simple Craftsmanship: The current application of techniques in this series, such as Matt lacquered finished, aims to highlight natural and raw beauty.

We hope you find the ideal flooring at Kelaiwood

Feedback from customers:

We are always filled with joy and comfort upon receiving positive feedback from our customers, which greatly motivates us to continue producing excellent products.

Kelaiwood sincerely appreciates the installation personnel who correctly installed our products, as well as the customers who trust and appreciate our products.

<strong>Kelaiwood’s 18/6mm Engineered Wood Flooring Series</strong>-kelaiwood

Country: USA


Effect: Smoke Grey (modern minimalist style)

<strong>Kelaiwood’s 18/6mm Engineered Wood Flooring Series</strong>-kelaiwood

Country: The Uk


Effect:Cream (French vintage style)

<strong>Kelaiwood’s 18/6mm Engineered Wood Flooring Series</strong>-kelaiwood

Country: Australia


Effect: Natural (Scandinavian style)

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