Indonesian Teak Parquet Wood Flooring

Indonesian Teak Parquet Wood Flooring-kelaiwood

The intricate design of this teak parquet flooring bears a striking resemblance to the renowned Versailles style. Crafted from teak veneer, it exudes timeless elegance with its fine and uniform grains, epitomizing classic wood characteristics.

In contrast, the featured parquet boasts Indonesian teak wood—a distinctive choice celebrated for its wider and deeper grain patterns, accented by light brown and gray tones. This unique texture imbues spaces with an exotic charm, elevating any room’s individuality.

Indonesian Teak Parquet Wood Flooring-kelaiwood

Also referred to as Asian teak, Indonesian teak wood is esteemed among authentic teak species alongside Burmese teak, renowned for its unparalleled quality. Sourced from Indonesia’s volcanic archipelago with fertile forest soils, Indonesian teak wood matures over a 30-year growth cycle, rivaling Burmese teak in excellence. Its broad grains, rich in teak oil, imbue it with strength and resilience, characterized by a light brown hue with subtle gray undertones.

Indonesian teak wood is highly prized for its exceptional durability and resistance to wear, insects, termites, acids, alkalis, moisture, and decay. Its high density and unique composition, rich in iron and oil, contribute to its remarkable stability and resistance to warping. Emitting a delightful natural fragrance, Indonesian teak wood flooring is well-suited for diverse climates and radiant floor heating systems, making it a preferred choice for discerning homeowners.

Indonesian Teak Parquet Wood Flooring-kelaiwood

As the first rays of sunlight illuminate the bedroom, the color of Indonesian teak wood flooring transitions from gentle to bright, showcasing beautiful dark lines and vibrant oil shadows, creating a unique natural texture. Remarkably, the planed surface color oxidizes to a golden hue when exposed to light, growing more beautiful with time.

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