Autumn Series of Oak Wood Flooring

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Autumn Series of Oak Wood Flooring-kelaiwood

Autumn is coming. Nature seems to wear new clothes….

When you think of autumn, what images come to your mind?

Let’s imagine. Maybe you are walking slowly with a cup of coffee, stepping on the red or yellow fallen leaves that can be seen everywhere on the road. As you turn the corner, you know that a lovely person is waiting for you in the house. Or maybe it’s waiting for you, and she or he beckons you with a smile from the windowsill.

It was a sunny autumn day, with the sunlight spilling onto the wooden floor, and the smile and gentle greeting of your loved one has always been a special memory in your heart, warming you every time you think of it.

What colors belong to autumn?

I think the theme should be elegance and gentleness.

Have you ever seen a sweet potato-colored wood flooring?

The light purple comes out from the warm yellow color.

Below two colors are closer to autumn colors.

If your house needs a little bit warm color, the wood flooring in antique color and French style are suitable for laying.

White Sand

A color with a little bit of vanilla milky white filter reveal a little purple and pink filter,very special and elegant as well as delicate pink stain.

Autumn Series of Oak Wood Flooring-kelaiwood

Same as its name, hazelnut stain, much retro ancient, and smart warm brown which is an organic natural tone, like the fall maple leaf -RICH& WARM(High in saturation).

Hazel is not light milk tea color but more heavy black tea brown,which seems to give off a natural and simple breath.

Autumn Series of Oak Wood Flooring-kelaiwood


Size: 14/3x190x1900mm  Grade: ABC    Package: Sqm/box: 2.888

Advance Matt Surface Anti- UV, anti-fading, water resistant and wear resistant

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