Visiting UK Clients – Learning and Sharing Journey

Date: 2018 Place: HARROGATE (UK) Person: Nicholas

Kelai Wood has a long list of loyal customers who are satisfied with our service. Every year our sales team takes time out to visit our clients to share our expertise and knowledge, maintain good communication and exchange with our clients. At the same time, we also learn the changes and needs of the flooring market from our customers.

Visiting UK Clients – Learning and Sharing Journey-kelaiwood

The town of Harrogate is elegant, clean and comfortable. You can really feel the breath of nature in Harrogate.

Of course, the most important thing is to visit the showrooms of our customers. What are we expecting? The floor showroom is a beautiful space that made us feel at home. Also, let’s have a chance to find out what kind of wood flooring is popular.



At last, we would like to say that no matter your experience or depth of knowledge, the sales managers of Kelai Wood will be with you every step of the way.

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