Tips on Matching (Kelai wood)American Walnut wood Flooring with Furniture

Tips on Matching (Kelai wood)American Walnut wood Flooring with Furniture-kelaiwood

1. **Contrast Color Matching:**

   – Use dark walnut wood flooring with antique furniture and light-colored doors for a striking contrast.

   – Seek professional advice for accurate color matching to maintain overall harmony.

2. **Same Color Series Matching:**

   – Pair dark brown furniture and doors with Brown black walnut flooring.

   – Follow a strict, orderly, and generous decoration style for consistent color matching.

3. **Similar Color Matching:**

   – Choose black walnut flooring if furniture and doors have a walnut wood finish.

   – Achieve a lively, harmonious, and delicate decorative style.

Other considerations:

– Align the flooring color with the overall style and concept of the entire house.

– Light-colored furniture and doors are suitable for a fresh and elegant ambiance in a simple home decor style.

– Dark-toned or antique series wood flooring is recommended for classical home decor styles.

– Choose a neutral flooring color for a permanent fixture that won’t require frequent changes.

– Consider the size of the house, with warm colors visually expanding space and cold colors making spaces appear smaller.

– Dark cold-colored flooring is suitable for smaller rooms to create a sense of expansiveness.

– Larger rooms offer more flexibility in color selection but avoid small-grain or straight-grain wood flooring designs.

– Nordic styles can be achieved by pairing black walnut flooring with white doors, while an elegant style may involve matching black doors and skirting.

– Coordination is key to achieving a cohesive overall look.

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