Log Stained Chemical Reaction Treatment OAK Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Chemical treatment reaction provides a broad palette for wider and longer hardwood floors. This treatment is perfect for any room in the home, giving the space a more personal and retro feel.


Product Design and Specifications
Style Engineered Floor Thickness 10-20mm
Latin Name Quercus Mongolica Veneer/Lamella 0.6-6mm
Air-Dry Density 0.68-0.74 g/m3 Width  70-300mm
Janka Hardness 1360 P-F Length 420-2200mm


The chemical reaction treatment of wooden floors is to make all colors in a hue, so as to create a sense of harmony.
For wood floors, Log Stained color is the most humane color, which looks simple but not such simple.
Release your unique original atmosphere in the space.
The Log stained floor does not only refer to a color, but it means a color system. Depending on the type, there are thousands of shades.

After the adjustment of the brightness and purity, whether it is a modern simple style or retro style, it makes the various styles full of artistic feelings.

Log Stained Chemical Reaction Treatment OAK Engineered Hardwood Flooring-kelaiwood

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