KLP-01 OAK Parquet Engineered Wood Flooring

Timber flooring made of oak is always in excellent quality due to the natural stability and termite resistance.

Unfinished but sanded flooring is available for on-site installation.

Lacquered flooring, normally our floor coated 7 layers lacquer. And we use TREFFERT lacquer coating different colors for your choice.

Oak Wood Flooring (KELAI WOOD) is a kind of wood floor with good quality, strong structure, and durability.


                                Versailles engineered wood flooring could be dated from Europe to the Baroque period in the 17th century, it was used in the court of Versailles to show the luxury of the nobility.

                                Versailles design will allow you to create a complete parquet design floor, in next to no time.

                                Its stunning light coffee tones and subtle undertones make this elegant, tiled engineered wood flooring a stunning display of natural beauty. KLP-01 OAK Parquet Engineered Wood Flooring-kelaiwood

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